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Game Projects

Hear me in some cool games!

The guys at Shovelware Studios usually call me up for some custom music in their Roblox obbies.

For Shrunken School Obby, they had a hard time finding a good Electro Swing track for the villain, Baron Von Bootleg.

You can tell that both parties were satisfied with the results!

Super Slime Simulator taught me considerations of dynamic cross fading music. In game, layers of the stage music turn on/off depending on the growth of the slime.

Some tracks are triggered via proximity to certain objects. Creating music around so many layers was challenging but very fun!

An RPG inspired by Undertale and the Mario & Luigi series.

Jison Labs was looking for a lead composer to cover most of the game’s music. 

Before I joined, the game was in need of a consistent “sound”. 

Through Musical Identity, we worked together to create a unique soundtrack through colorful chords and accordions!

Take a listen for yourself!

FusionFall was a platforming MMORPG bringing together various IPs from the Cartoon Network universe. FusionFall Legacy/Retro was a fan-made recreation of the original by most members of Shovelware Studios. 

The team felt that the original music was too monotoned and wanted diversity among the overall soundtrack while maintaining the original feel.

I helped out the project by spicing up old tunes while adding, enhancing, and transforming the original sound of the game. 

Various references from corresponding Cartoon Network shows were added to most of the soundtrack.


People I’ve worked with!

The Man behind the Pan

Just another gamer with a background in game music composition. Name’s Don Wakefield and I love game music!

My style ranges from orchestral, jazz, and rock (with a few styles in between). This was developed from my Mario Kart series and FusionFall Legacy which were the projects that put me on the YouTube map.

I’m a fan of what I call Musical Identity, to which I define as the elements in each individual track that creates cohesion in a game soundtrack. I try to incorporate that into every game I work on.

Music inspiration for some of my softer genres comes from Final Fantasy XIII, Genshin Impact, and the Zelda series. Heavier stuff comes from Sonic series, Kirby, and Persona.

Take a listen for yourself throughout the site. Or check out some Fantasy RPG inspired Royalty Free music.

If you think you’ve found your next composer, hit me up below!

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Audio References

To get the best results for custom music services, I need a good reference (preferably 3 per track).

A good reference, is whatever music you’ve been using/envisioning as placeholder for the project thus far. 

In a short statement, simply tell me what it is you like about the reference (the melody, the mood, the chords, etc.)

I take the elements you like and use it as a basis for the project’s unique sound.

Pricing Model

Example using $200 per minute:

0:15 = $50 ($100 [30s] / 2)

0:30 = $100 ($200 [1m] / 2)

0:45 = $150 ($100 [0:30s] + $50 [15s])

1m = $200

1:15 = $250 ($200 [1m] + $50 [15s])

1:30 = $300 ($250 [1:15] + $50 [15s])

1:45 = $350 ($300 [1:30] + $50 [15s])

2m = $400

2:15 = $450

2:30 = $500

2:45 = $550

3m = $600

Bulk Orders

What I consider a bulk order is receiving multiple custom requests for the same game.

I prefer to have documentation containing all of the music if readily available.