The Vault

Get Access to the growing collection of Fantasy RPG Music!

Its the whole collection of Fantasy RPG Music! Available without any restrictions including future updates and releases. 

I’m calling this, The Vault.

There are no limits!

Some places restrictions based on units sold, number of viewers or how much money you make on the project.

I say, no worries!

The Vault doesn’t enforce any limits on numbers of unit sold, views, follower count, or monetization. If your project blows up, no need to rush back here for an updated license!

Just remember me when you’re famous!

Another annoying limit is restricting license based on the platform. (A YouTube Only license for example).

You’re covered!

Once you have access to the track, it’s yours whenever on whatever platform you need!

Its sucks when you use a purchased track in a video then YouTube drops the hammer on you for using “content that isn’t yours!”

Good thing the tracks in The Vault aren’t registered with any Content ID systems. Feel safe posting your content on their platform without them posting you on the watch list!

The story behind the vault!

When I first starting writing Royalty Free Music, I’d offer my music for free with no strings attached.

Despite many thankful emails for that model, I took it away in my desire to turn my hobby into a career.

This led to market research where I noticed harsh restrictions on royalty-free music usages.

Honestly, I never really got the point of such restraints so I decided to bring back the original model to fight against these limitations.

Got questions?

Q: What type of Licenses are these?

A: All tracks in The Vault are Non-Exclusive Licenses, meaning you’re borrowing the tracks. I maintain full ownership and allow you to use it. As such, you cannot redistribute or resale tracks. If you need custom work with an Exclusive license, view my services.

QCan I edit the audio I download from The Vault? (cutting/splicing, FX processing, sampling, etc.)

A: Yes! Feel free to cut up and process downloaded audio in any way you see fit.

QHow would I credit music from The Vault?

A: Please credit “Panman Music” or “Panman Music Vault”

QDo I have permission to livestream music from The Vault?

A: Definitely! Just put “Panman Music” or “Panman Music Vault” as a credit in the description.

Its growing. don’t wait!

The Vault is forever growing, which means that its value will increase over time.

As such, prices will rise once I hit 100 tracks in the collection (about halfway there!)

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Vault (Annual)
$35.00 / Year
Access to The Vault. Renews every year.
Vault (Semi-Annual)
$20.00 / 6 Months
Access to The Vault. Renews every 6 months.

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Audio References

To get the best results for custom music services, I need a good reference (preferably 3 per track).

A good reference, is whatever music you’ve been using/envisioning as placeholder for the project thus far. 

In a short statement, simply tell me what it is you like about the reference (the melody, the mood, the chords, etc.)

I take the elements you like and use it as a basis for the project’s unique sound.

Pricing Model

Example using $200 per minute:

0:15 = $50 ($100 [30s] / 2)

0:30 = $100 ($200 [1m] / 2)

0:45 = $150 ($100 [0:30s] + $50 [15s])

1m = $200

1:15 = $250 ($200 [1m] + $50 [15s])

1:30 = $300 ($250 [1:15] + $50 [15s])

1:45 = $350 ($300 [1:30] + $50 [15s])

2m = $400

2:15 = $450

2:30 = $500

2:45 = $550

3m = $600

Bulk Orders

What I consider a bulk order is receiving multiple custom requests for the same game.

I prefer to have documentation containing all of the music if readily available.