Custom Music SErvices

Currently, I am not accepting any new projects or commissions.

Got a Project? Let’s talk!

Current Rates: $200 Per Minute of Finished Music

I request details and audio references for each track requested. Once the final is approved, you’ll receive full commercial rights and ownership of the song.

That said, I will ask to use each song for promotional/marketing material prior to the game’s release with your approval. 

My pricing model, roughly splits up per minute rate per 15 second intervals. See example.

I’ll only request payment once you are satisfied with the final.

What do I offer?

I’m a fan of Music Identity which is the game’s “defining sound.” Regardless of what composer or music you’re currently using, I aim to match my composition style to the game. You can read about how I approach this, here.

If I can’t get the mood you’re after within three tries, I will give you the track for free. In addition, you’ll get unlimited revision until its right.

With new clients, I offer one free track included in bulk orders.

People I’ve worked with!

Let’s Get started!

Ready to move forward? Send me an email!

Tell me your vision for the game! Link audio references if able.

Audio References

To get the best results for custom music services, I need a good reference (preferably 3 per track).

A good reference, is whatever music you’ve been using/envisioning as placeholder for the project thus far. 

In a short statement, simply tell me what it is you like about the reference (the melody, the mood, the chords, etc.)

I take the elements you like and use it as a basis for the project’s unique sound.

Pricing Model

Example using $200 per minute:

0:15 = $50 ($100 [30s] / 2)

0:30 = $100 ($200 [1m] / 2)

0:45 = $150 ($100 [0:30s] + $50 [15s])

1m = $200

1:15 = $250 ($200 [1m] + $50 [15s])

1:30 = $300 ($250 [1:15] + $50 [15s])

1:45 = $350 ($300 [1:30] + $50 [15s])

2m = $400

2:15 = $450

2:30 = $500

2:45 = $550

3m = $600

Bulk Orders

What I consider a bulk order is receiving multiple custom requests for the same game.

I prefer to have documentation containing all of the music if readily available.