I'm a Music Composer for Fantasy RPGs based in Chesapeake, VA. Best known for my work on FusionFall Legacy and Mario Kart Remix series on YouTube. Self-taught composer primarily utilizing orchestral music.

My first dive into video game music came from the unique compositions from Final Fantasy XIII’s composer Masashi Hamauzu. I remember being completely entranced by FFXIII’s soundtrack. At the time, I’ve never really paid attention to the music of games and how important they were but it was here where I got more into RPGs as I seemed to resonate with the storytelling and adventure elements within games. 

The Tales series is what solidified my interest in Fantasy RPGs and RPG Maker XP is what got me into the production side of game music. In an absolutely horrendous attempt at making my own RPG, I ended up just grabbing a bunch of sound fonts and playing with MIDI files of the music.

My Mario Kart series on YouTube is the byproduct of what I learned from playing around with RPG Maker. The success of that series led me to FusionFall Legacy. I strive to evoke that same emotional connection I had from Hamauzu’s work and hope my music can help expand the worlds of other games.